ABC Juice / Apple Beetroot Carrot Juice

After reading Jay's(Tasty Appetite) miracle drink and its benefits, immediately I checked my refrigerator and I am sweet enough to get all the ingredients for the juice she mentioned. Instantly prepared it, yes it took only 2 minutes and drunk without even adding honey. The juice itself was sweeter without honey. From then, I have made it for 4 times. If such a healthy drink is available in simple steps, who wouldn't like this?

When I served this juice to my husband and he asked what juice it is. I replied 'Apple Beetroot and Carrot juice" forgetting the order what Jay mentioned in her post and Instantly he asked with wonder 'ABC juice'? Ade, My husband sometimes smart to give cute names. :-)

Please visit her blog to know its health benefits.

To mention its very significant benefit, It is a good source of vitamin A, manganese and potassium which will boost up our immune system and fight against high blood pressure.

Basic Information:
Preparation Time: <10 minutes
Makes: 2 glasses


Apple - 1 no, chopped
Beetroot - 1 no, chopped
Carrot - 1 no, chopped
Honey - 1 tablespoon


1) Pass through all the ingredients given except honey in a juicer.
2) If you are not having juicer, put all chopped ingredients to a mixer with 1/2 cup of water and filter out the juice from it.
3) Stir in a tablespoon of honey and drink immediately.

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a treasure trove of benefits to such lovely looking juice - ! wow - gotta try this !

Wow.w. it looks great.. I love this combo.. So healthy :D

Wat a healthy n so refreshing drink...looks so beautiful n very neat presentation...I m yet to try this nutritious drink :)

wow lovely drink, color looks amazing. healthy recipe!!!!

Lovely color and healthy drink....nice clicks...

First of all thanks a lot for your constant support as a reader of Hamaree Rasoi. Amazing blog with attractive pictures. Happy to follow you.
This juice looks lovely and healthy too.

A wholesome healthy juice.. Lovely color.

Very healthy and refreshing juice with best of the ingredients.

Hamaree Rasoi


Very famous here ...looks nice

lovely juice Uma....and I loved the ABC writing..its cute :)
A Girl's Diary

Thanks for sharing this healthy drink, must make for my family soon.

nice dear...i too saw this health drink in her blog...hv to try this.........

wow such a cute presentation wid a healthy and tasty drink..:)

very healthy drink and nice presentation too.

healthy juice and love the name ABC...Excellent pics...

Jay's recipes are always great.. Looks colorful and must be a very healthy drink.. nice presentation..

Healthy and refreshing juice....nicely presented

even i tried it after reading Jay's post...this is my new fav...absolutely love it.

lovely colour n refreshing drink!!

That is an amazing color! Love the presentation and the name your husband suggested :) - This would be a fine sub for a glass of wine - what say? :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for such a lovely comment. Yummy and healthy drink. You too have a nice space with delicious recipes. Keep visiting.

Aparna Vijay

Truly healthy.. so colorful and refreshing too..

Love the color,healthy and refreshing drink..

I loved ur presentation Uma..Seriously, deep red coloured juice simply irresistible

What a beautiful full color and lovely pictures I am so loving it.

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