Baby Corn Golden Fry

I called this dish as Baby corn golden fry or Baby corn fritters. It is your wish to give your favorite/pet name to it. I don't know, but whenever I feel lazy, I go for deep fried foods. It might be because it takes only few minutes to prepare or so. Who says 'NO' to this sinfully mouthwatering deep fried food?

I read somewhere that "less than a handful of oil per day keeps fat away". Now a days our kitchens are focusing on more and more healthy delicacies and I'm sure we consume a less quantity of oil than handful. If it is the case, it is nothing wrong to enjoy deep fried foods once in a while. what do you say?

The one and only important thing while you deep fry is, maintaining a correct temperature (As far as i know, it lies between 150C to 190C most cases) of oil. It leads to less absorption of oil and of course we get a tasty crispy less oil absorbed yummy food.

Basic Information:
Preparation Time: <10 minutes
Cooking Time: <15 minutes
Serves: 2-3 people


For Batter:

Besan Flour - 3 tablespoons
Corn flour - 2 tablespoons
All purpose flour/Maida - 1 tablespoon
Red chilli powder - 1 teaspoon / to taste
Salt - to taste
Ginger and Garlic paste - 1/2 teaspoon
Milk - 1/4 cup

For Deep Frying:

Baby corns - 400grams
Oil - for deep frying


1) Mix all the ingredients given for the batter and make a smooth paste. You will get a thick watery paste. If you feel the batter is too thick, add little more milk.
2) Chop the baby corns in length wise so that you will get two pieces from one baby corn.
3) Heat oil in heavy bottomed deep pan.
4) Dip the baby corns into the batter and make a thin coat of batter on it.
5) When the oil is hot enough, gently put babycorns into oil and deep fry till they turn golden colour/cooked.
6) Once cooked, transfer baby corn to plate covered with a kitchen towel, to absorb the excess oil, if any.
7) Serve hot with tea / coffee / milk.


1) Make sure the oil is in correct temperature and not smoking. Check this by dropping a very small quantity of batter into the oil. If it comes to the top of the surface,the food is ready to fry. If the oil is too hot, baby corns quickly turn out to brown colour outside and not cooked well inside.
2) You may also precook the baby corn and make sure it is completely dried out from water before deep frying.

I am happy to send this recipe to Krithi's Kitchen's SERVE IT - FRIED.

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Yummy recipe...great with a hot cup of tea..

Perfect fritters Uma..,looks so crispy n it's raining here so can u pass some :-) thanx for the info Reg deep frying oil temp. I came to know from u only...thanx

Nice yummy fritters !! looks so crispy !!

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Babycorn fry looks crispy, crunchy and yummy. Perfect for snacks.

Tempting & crispy fritters!!!!
Prathima Rao
Prats Corner

Crunchy and yummy looking starters.

That looks so tempting...

crispy and nice starter. kids will love this for sure

Wow.. tasty fritters.. Nice clicks..

Wow..golden and crispy. Who can say no to this. thanks for sending to 'SErve it - Fried'. Do send in your entries to my other event - CWF: Ragi

looks nice and crispy...perfect bite..

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This looks fantastic, golden n crisp ~ I would love to have some with a hot cup of coffee right now :D
Us Masala

Delicious appetizer!
You are right about the oil temperature. At times even restaurants do not fry food at the right temp and what ends up is an oily mess.

looks really cute..I would love to munch the whole..:PP
Tasty Appetite

Woww.. it looks so yummy :D I have never tried or eaten this before :D cant wait to try now..

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