Assortment of My Recipes - Seven Links Tag Game

I would like to thank Sangee and Ramya for tagging me for this game. I want to use this opportunity to bring few of my recipes as a virtual treat for my friends.

As the name suggests, the blogger who is tagged for this game should bring up with the posts from their blog which fit for the 7 links and choose 7 other blogger to play the game.

The 7 links are
1. The most beautiful post
2. The most popular post
3. The most controversial post
4. The most helpful post
5. The post that was surprisingly successful
6. The post that did not get the attention it deserved
7. The post I am most proud of

Here you go with my recipes for this 7 links. 2 recipes for each link as 2 persons tagged me. Never Mind... :-)

1. The Most Beautiful Post:
This is the link which took me long time to decide. Finally, I bring up with cute and tasty Basil Baby Potato Stir fry and ABC Juice.

2. The Most Popular Post:

Considering the page views, the most popular post is Rasgulla and in terms of comments, the post popular post is Fenugreek Rice Balls.

3. The Most Controversial Post:
No posts till now.

4. The Most Helpful Post:
Many of my Rice recipes helped my friends a lot and got few good words offline from them. One among them is Capsicum Fried Rice. The other one is Puran Poli.

5. The Post that was Surprisingly Successful:
It was really surprise when I post simple recipes and get most page views and comments. Such two recipes are Cheese Bread Swirls and Mint flavored Amla Juice.


6. The Post that did not get the Attention it Deserved:
Many of posts not get attention to readers till I was introduced by EC to a blogger world. However, I have selected two of them which were big hit among my family members. They are Pani Puri and Gobi Manchurian Dry.

7. The Post I am most Proud of:

Being with my vegetarian food habits, I found preparing a non-vegetarian foods is little difficult, but yes, I did it with the awesome taste and loads of appreciations. Such two top recipes are Chicken Biryani with Coconut Milk and Tuna Cutlets.

The 7 other bloggers I would like to tag are...

1) Priya Sreeram - BON APPETIT
2) Reshmi Mahesh - Easy Cook
3) Vimitha - My Culinary Trial Room
4) DD - Good Food Recipes
5) Uma Shankar - Jaya's Recipes
6) Tina - Kaipuniyam
7) Santhosh Banger - Santhosh Kitchen

I invite all my above friends to join and play the game.

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loved the assortments of recipes u r proud of- ABC juice & cheese bread swirls caught my eye and thanks for tagging me !!

Nice medley of recipes. Particularly liked the chicken biriyani with coconut milk.

Hamaree Rasoi

Nice collection of mouthwatering recipes :))
Prathima Rao
Prats Corner

Wow...lovely recipes...This game brings many archived recipes that were not noticed before

ONGOING EVENT: ABC Series - A for Apple

wow...mouth watering here....yummy collections...Chicken biryani i loved it more n going to try this weekend...paani puri n gobi manchurian looks so tempting Uma...

Nice reading your favorites..

Hi dear, Your blog is lovely! Glad to be following you for more great ideas :) I wish to also invite you to follow me if you have the time :) Have a great week ahead!

Great post! Lovely pictures - they look so inviting and delicious! Awesome recipes Uma :)

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