Egg Puffs

This recipe was in my drafts for many months and I was in a dilemma to post it or not.  But finally I took a decision to post it today, as it is the special day for children and I am sure it will attract children if we prepare puffs this way.

I usually prepare in our usual way of stuffing egg into the pastry sheet. but few months ago, when I was preparing egg puffs, I wrongly cut the puff pastry sheet and to adjust it I brought it to this pin wheel shape. It worked out well and after that I started to prepare this way only. Your kids can even prepare this, assemble and bake puffs with them and enjoy eating.

Basic information:
Preparation time: 25 minutes + 1 hour to thaw the pastry sheet
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Makes: 6 puffs


Egg - 3 nos
Puff pastry sheet - 1 no
Onion - 1 no / 1 cup, finely chopped
Ginger - 1 inch piece, finely chopped
Garlic - 1 no, finely chopped
Garam masala - a pinch
Red chilli powder - 1 teaspoon /to taste
Coriander powder - 1 teaspoon
Turmeric powder - a pinch
Cumin seeds - 1/2 teaspoon
Salt - to taste


1) Thaw the pastry sheet for 1-2 hours.
2) Meanwhile, boil eggs and peel off the shells. Cut them into halves and keep them aside.
3) In a wok, heat oil and add cumin seeds when it is hot. Allow them to crackle. Add chopped ginger and garlic. Saute for a minute.
4) Add onion and saute till they are translucent.
5) Add red chilli powder, coriander powder, garam masala, turmeric powder and salt. Cook till the raw smell of masala goes off.
6) Allow the onion masala to cool for few minutes.
7) Meanwhile, take puff pastry sheet and cut them into 6 pieces of square shapes.
8) Accordingly divide the masala mixture generously.
9) Take one pastry sheet, keep masala and above of it place one egg. Cover it with edges of puff sheet or you can try the method shown in picture.

10) Repeat the steps for all the puffs.
11) Preheat the oven to 220C.
12) Keep the puffs inside the oven for 20 minutes or till they become golden brown.
13) Allow the puffs to cool for 5 minutes and serve with tomato sauce.

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Wow...beautiful clicks and presentation dear..Cute nd lovely.

The way u presented words to express................yummy snack

super presentation!and im sure its super tasty!

Hi! First time here and glad to follow you. Loved the presentation and the puffs are very inviting.



wow awesome and innovative idea of making pastry...:)

Such an innovative way of presenting this yummy puffs...I'm sure they would've tasted yum

Such lovely and amazing puffs! Very yummy and delicious! I love the presentation...

Very unique n wonderful presentation of egg creative Uma....recipe also sounds yum..loved it !!

Lovely and innovative presentation,love the shape.Puff looks so delicious and perfect for a rainy evening with a cup of tea.

So beautiful ....lovely presentation

Beautiful,love the presentation..delicious stuffing too..

Amazing snaps, lovely mistake :) they look so good. U shud never let posts like this sit in ur draft for too long ;)


Egg Puffs look simply awesome. Simply marvelous.

Hamaree Rasoi

Lovely presentation and would love to try a veggie version of this pinwheel.

Awesome clicks and lovely stunning way you presented..delicious puffs!!
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haa..haa! Cute puff flowers Uma! Super-a irukku. Will try this flowers next time!

Love the presentation..very creative :-)

YUMMO..This looks awesome..You have made perfectly dear..

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Superb puffs..Love the way u have presented,so cute..

Gal you rocked today...awesome post..keep rocking :))

Hey Uma...Loved that perfect presentation....Beautiful post..

wow, so beautiful dear...great presentation and totally yummy puffs..

Nice will love it,grown ups too :)

Omg, thats a super delicious and irresistible egg puff,makes me drool.

Beautiful and creative presentation,yummy egg puffs.

wow!!yummy & beautiful presentation!!

delicious egg puff pastry lovely presentation

I am bowled over by the presentation!

Creative way to present a healthy snack...My little girl will love these pinwheel treats. In fact, I can also include vegetables inside, or try another veggie recipe inside the pastry and the kids won't be frowning over vegetables anymore. Great post! I love it!

fabulous presentation... delicious recipe.. bookmarked..

these look amazing!!! so pretty!!! and the stuffing - egg and masala!!! reminds me a little of my favourite curry puffs, only more pretty and so much more exciting! YUM

Looks crispy n yummy, perfect teatime snack

wow amazing uma,love the way u wrap it...very nice...

Nicely presented and looks fabulous!

Oh, this recipe is so interesting, and i bet it taste yummy!

xcellent presentation!!!bookmarked

what a lovely presentation uma,It looks sooo good...

Oh my goodness, is this a piece of art or food? Gorgeous presentation!

Wow, I haven't seen a lovely puffs like this before. Very creative and lovely presentation.
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those are some super fun puffs. and beautiful and intriguing presentation.. i am sure kids will love these.
Richa @ Hobby And More Food Blog

This is a gorgeous puff pastry preparation.

lovely presentation uma :) egg puff's in pinwheel shape is very creative..

hi uma. they look pretty that way..creative art.. i like them very much

It is so yummyly presented!! So drooling! I love the pinwheel shapes.. first time at you blog. Glad to follow you!

Beautiful presentation....loved the detailed explanation :)

How interesting - looks lovely!

yummmmm and soooo good !!

one of our friend made egg puffs using your recipe.. Yummy... Love it ..Thanks for the creative ideas..

its really nice.
but i do need the recipe for doing puff sheets.
so i hope the recipe will be posted

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