Kappa Chips / Maravalli Kizhangu Chips / Cassava Chips

We used to get cassavas in larger quantity in my native. During the weekly market in our native, few people sell boiled cassava with spicy red chutney and cassava chips. Both are very addictive and I always buy them whenever I go there.

Last time, when my dad visited us, he brought cassavas which had grown from our farm. I prepared chips using that. I have prepared these chips very long time back. Due to my system performance issue, I kept on postponing this recipe. Today I took it back but unfortunately I lost few pictures while transferring from my camera to the system. However, I have selected few pictures from the remaining collections and wrote a recipe for it.

Now, off to the recipe.
Basic Information:
Preparation Time: 30 minutes
Cooking Time: 25 minutes
Serves: 4
Kappa chips without Red Chilli Powder

Kappa / Maravalli Kilangu / Cassava - 3 nos, large size
Red chilli powder - as required
Salt - as required
Oil - for deep frying


1) Peel the brown outer skin and thick white skin of the Cassava.
2) Using a very sharp knife or slicer, slice the cassava into thin round shape slices or cut them into thin sticks. I always prefer thin sticks and I chopped them as sticks.
3) Heat oil in a pan. When it is hot, add sliced Cassava. Fry till it turns into golden brown. It will take slightly longer time to get golden colour and also to get cripsy chips. So be patient.
4) Remove from oil and sprinkle required salt and red chilli powder. Add fried curry leaves if you prefer.
5) Serve with hot tea or coffee.

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This is one of my fav chips , it has been a very long time since i tasted this. Nicely done and clicked

I love these chips with thayir saadam... Looks so crispy

Awesome dear !! very tempting and yummy !!

Wonderful dear !!! Chips looks so crispy and tempting !!!!

Mmm...Love this one...looks very inviting

Crispy and inviting chips...yumm

wow crispy and so yummy !!! want to grab them ........

Crispy perfect chips...One of our fav..

love this kappa finger chips, its been long time i had this...looks perfect, want to grab few :)

So inviting and crunchy looking chips..

I love kappa chips I can munch this nonstop.Its always impossible for me to cut kappa like little sticks.Chips looks crunchy and yummy.

Love the way you sliced them, looks like french fries.One of my fav chips but i'll go for the easy round slices.

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