Homemade Bread Croutons / How to Make Bread Croutons

My family usually don't prefer soup as a form of appetizer. So, I prepare soup once in a while on dull evenings instead of tea. If it is tea, I definitely serve it with snacks. If I prepare soup, mostly we enjoy it with toasted bread. In the absence of bread, I add bread croutons to the soup to enjoy its delightful taste.

When we stayed outside India, I often buy bread croutons from nearby shops and use it widely. After coming to India, I have searched many supermarkets but I couldn't find bread croutons anywhere. Finally, ended up making bread croutons on my own as it is very simple and easy to prepare. You can use this in soups as well as in salads.

If you don't have baking oven at home, you can also toss the bread cubes in a frying pan till it turns hardened, golden brown and crisp.
Basic Information:
Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 15 - 20 minutes
Makes: 2 cups, approximately

Bread slices - 5 nos, thick and old bread
Black pepper powder - 1/2 teaspoon
Olive oil - 2 tablespoons
Salt - to taste

1) Remove the crust from four sides of the breads.
2) Cut into small cubes. Say about 1/2 inch length on each side.
3) Put the cubes in the wide mixing bowl.
4) Add pepper powder, salt and sprinkle olive oil. Toss well.
5) Line the parchment paper in the baking tray.
6) Spread the bread cubes in a single layer. Sprinkle more olive oil if required.
7) Bake it in the preheated oven for 10-15 minutes with the temperature of 160C(325F) or till the bread cubes turns firm and golden brown. In each 5 minutes interval, toss the bread cubes for even browning.
8) Allow it to cool to room temperature and store it in a container. Use it whenever required
1) Addition of pepper, salt and olive oil are optional. Without these ingredients, you can bake the bread and make croutons.
2) Baking time differs from oven to oven. It also differs based on the thickness of the bread slices. So make sure to watch your bread croutons at proper intervals.
3) Use thick bread slices for perfect bread croutons.

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crusty bread croutons. would love to have some with soup.nice clicks

What a lovely post - I will remember next time we are in need of croutons

wow..lovely post..healthy n crunchy bread croutons..

Oh wat a useful post...thanks uma n nice clicks too:)

They taste yum and my face too

even my 4yr old love soup with croutons,i love to add this in my biryanis/pulao too..lovely pics!

very useful post.. I normally buy it.. Going to try at home.. This can be snack by itself

love these crisp ones,yumm:)

Crunchy croutons....i need creamy mushroom soup now.....

I love homemade croutons too.. nicely done..

this is wonderfully done and presented

i lov this recipe and tq for sharing..

Crunchy croutons. a snack in itself

Looks so good ..yum ...I have same in my draft too

glad to have come across your page... lovely recipes, following u!! :)

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Homemade bread croutons are wonderful. I like your version.

Love your bread croutons, Uniform and neatly presented..

Love ur croutons....like ur step by step explana...

love to have it with soup uma :) today i made soup but no bread to make these croutons..

Bookmarked....that's an yum way to try at home....

u have mentioned mustard seeds in ur ing list
where to use it?

Thanks Meenal for pointing it out. That's Pepper powder btw...a very big typo error...

its ok . I have one more doubt.can we use cooking oil?
Should we grease the Parchament paper with oil or it is ok if we sprinkle over bread pieces.

btw ur blog looks gr8.
I was searching fot this recipe.
I will try out this week end & tell u the output

You can use cooking oil. I didn't grease my parchment paper. but I sprayed oil evenly to all bread cubes.

Also, Thanks for the compliments.

it came out well. I served with carrot soup.

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