Sweet Ragi Malt / Ragi Athakoozh

We call Ragi malt as Ragi athakoozh at home. I don't know how it got its name . This recipe is not a breakfast dish but we usually prepare and consume it in the morning roughly 2 hours before breakfast.

During my school days, instead of coffee/tea in the morning, my mom prepares this dish and gives it to us. She always adds dry ginger powder and pepper powder to this drink which helps us to stay away from cough/cold and fever during our school days.
Basic Information:
Preparation and Cooking Time: 10 minutes
Serves: 2

Finger Millet flour / Ragi flour / Keppai Maavu - 2 tablespoons
Jaggery / Palm Sugar - 2 tablespoons
Water - 3 cups
Cardamom - 2 nos, crushed
Sukku powder / Dry ginger powder - a big pinch (Optional)
Pepper powder - a big pinch (Optional)


1) In a sauce pan, take 2 tablespoon of ragi flour. Add 2 cups o water to it. Mix well without any lumps.
2) Keep this sauce pan in stove. Meanwhile, in another bowl, take the jaggery and add remaining cup of water. Heat it till the sugar melts. Turn off the flame once the sugar has melted away.
3) When the ragi water mixture in the sauce pan starts boiling and starts thickening, filter and pour the jaggery/ palm sugar water to the sauce pan. Add cardamom, sukku (dry ginger) and pepper powder to it.

4) Mix well to avoid lumps. Keep stirring for 4-5 minutes and turn the flame off.
5) Pour into the glasses and enjoy.

1) This malt tastes good when you add jaggery/palm sugar than the normal sugar. Also adjust the sugar as per your taste.
2) Add milk if you prefer. I usually don't add milk to my malt drink while cooking.
3) Addition of dry ginger powder and pepper powder is optional.
4) Don't forget to stir continuously, otherwise, it might form lumps at any stage of the preparation.

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healthy & super delicious!!!

super healthy and tasty I have this at least once a week

Healthy drink for anytime of the day....love to have it without jaggery....

I truly love this recipe and combination of flavor

Healthy drink,simply love it... enna ithu intha vaaram ragi vaarama??

Reply for Sambal post,..Next side dish in the plate is Drumstick Thokku.Refer this link
Thx u!!

My fav. drink. Lovely clicks.

This was exactly what I used to give my son when we started solids for him, without the spices, only jaggery. It sure is healthy and mayb I should again try and give him some and even we could benefit from it :-)

looks like a Raagi festival on your blog these days...good going!


cup luks so cute n completely healthy treat

Super healthy & super delicious drink!!!

Ur super quick n healthy:)

love it...
healthy and delicious drink uma :)

Nice presentation & a healthy drink..
Prathima Rao
Prats Corner

looks yummy!

Have been seeing a lot of ragi recipes in blogosphere ..i am defintely going to pick up some Ragi :)

Gave to kids as weaning food,true its a healthy one,yumm clicks:)
Love to see your recipe linked up in Flavors Of Cuisines-"Mexican"

never added jaggery for this recipe.. makes it more healthy..

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