Moong Dal Rava Dosa

After four long years, I have gone to my grandma's place. I recollected my golden childhood days that I spent in farms next to her house. Every summer vacation, we visit her place and we play, play and play throughout the day in the ground next to the temple in that village. She comes to the ground and yells at us. Not for playing but for tasting(eating) the bhachanams(Sweets and snacks) she made. Those days are like festival days and she treats us with different types of foods for all the days we stay there.

With those wonderful memories, when we visited her this time, she prepared Moongdal Rava Dosa upon my request. She has been preparing it for ages. There are many recipes, I learnt from her and I have posted few already here. I promise that the other recipes will also follow in my space. Coming to today's recipe, She used yellow split moong dal. I usually use whole green moong dal for making this dosa. Both the recipes give distinct taste. Try both and follow the one which u like.
Basic Information:
Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Soaking Time: 1 hour
Cooking Time: 20 minutes
Serves: 4-5 Persons

Yellow Split Moong Dal / Whole Green Moong Dal - 1 cup (see notes)
Rava / Semolina - 1 cup
Small onion / Shallots / Pearl onion - 3/4 cup, finely chopped
Green chilli - 2 nos, finely chopped
Ginger - 1 inch length, grated
Curry leaves - 2 strings, finely chopped
Cumin seeds - 1/2 teaspoon
Asafoetida - a big pinch
Oil - 2 teaspoons + for making dosa
Salt - to taste


1) Soak moongdal and rava separately for an hour.
2) Meanwhile, chop onion, green chilli, ginger and curry leaves.
3) After an hour, drain the water from both. Reserve the water from rava. Grind moong dal to a smooth paste. If required, add only less quantity of water for grinding.
4) Transfer the ground moondal to a wide bowl. Add the drained rawa to the moongdal paste. Mix well. Now, slowly add water to this mixture and make the consistency like dosa batter.
5) Take a kadai or frying pan. Heat oil. When it is hot, add cumin seeds followed by asafoetida, chopped onion, green chilli, curry leaves and ginger. Saute till the onion becomes soft.
6) Add this sauteed ingredients to the batter. Add salt. Mix well.
7)  Heat the dosa pan/tawa and spread some oil on the surface of it. (Oil is not required in case of non-stick pan). When you sprinkle water on the pan it raises a typical sound and the water disappears immediately. Its the right time to, pour a ladle of dosa batter. While spreading out the batter, gently spread the batter from the center towards the end of the pan in an uniform circular motion.
8) Apply less than half a teaspoon of oil on to the corners of the dosa.
9) After a minute, flip to other side and allow it to cook.
10) Serve hot with kara chuney and Idly powder.
1) If you don't get time, instead of sauting the onion, directly add to the batter to make dosa.
2) If you are using whole green moong dal, soak it for 3-5 hours or over night.

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always looking for healthy recipes..would luv to start my day with this yummy dosa

wow too good n quick one.. i always love such quick dosa..bookmarked..will try it soon..

It looks soo good n tasty...

Uma,I tried ur urad dal rice & posted it on my blog. we loved it very much, thxs for sharing this healthy recipe!!

looks fabulous and inviting

I make a similar north Indian style moong dal pancake - this looks delicious!

My mom makes moong dal dosa, but this one is different. Shall try sometime!

healthy dosa,Uma..Tempting with idli podi:)

Very new recipe...Looks good...would love to try it

Delicious and mouthwatering dosa.Wonderfully prepared.

Interesting combination. Will give it a try.

Very new and interesting one, my mil makes with moong dal but never added sooji

Very new recipe...Very intresting combo...would love to try it

Healthy and new dosa variety

Beautiful combo, healthy and nutritious dosa.

Dosa looks so appetizing.. Must taste great with chutneys :)

A very new combo for making dosa. Excellent and delicious. Love to start my day with this yummy dosas.

today's post:

should I be using the small rava or the coarse rava which we use for upma?

I used coarse rava for making this dosa. But you can also use fine rava.

Hi Uma, thanks for posting this healthy delicious recipe. Can we store the batter in the fridge and if so for how long?


Hi Usha, You can store the batter for maximum 2 days in refrigerator. I once saved left over batter for only one day. If you want to use it for more number of days, store only batter immediately after grinding and add onion only when you prepare it.

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