Fresh Fig and Honey Milkshake

If you ask me about my choice of beverages between cold and hot, I pick the first one without any hesitation. Be it summer or winter, I love to drink cold drinks/milkshakes/smoothies. I personally find these kind of drinks are the best way to make your loved ones consume the highly nutritious fruit which they are not normally fond off. In my case, my husband is a choosy eater and many time I find it difficult to make him eat healthy foods.

I can easily count the number of fruits he likes. Well the number would not exceed a single digit. So, I started making some milkshakes with those kind of exotic fruits he is not normally fond off and which carry a high nutritional value. Figs are first in this category. Normally he won't even allow me to buy this fruit :-) but now, he is having it as a milkshake once in a week.

Few health benefits of Figs:(read more here)
1) Weight loss
2) Lower cholesterol
3) Prevention of coronary heart disease
4) Prevention of colon cancer
5) Protection against post-menopausal breast cancer
6) Good for diabetic patients
7) Prevention of hypertension
8) Bronchitis
9) Prevention of constipation
10) Strengthens Bones
11) Urinary calcium loss
12) Relief for throat pain

Basic Information:

Preparation Time:  10 minutes
Serves: 2 generously


Fresh Ripe Figs - 6 nos.,
Cold milk - 2 cups (see notes 1)
Honey - 3-4 tablespoons
Sugar - 2 tablespoons (see notes 2)


1) Wash and peel off the skin from the figs. Cut these fruits into half portions.

2) Add them to the blender or juicer. Add cold milk and honey. Add sugar if you wish.
3) Blend it for 2-3 minutes or until smooth and foamy.

4) Pour the contents to serving glasses and serve immediately.


1) Fresh cold milk can be used for this shake. Alternatively, the boiled milk which is chilled in the refrigerator can also be used.
2) Adding sugar is optional. Add it when you need a very sweet milkshake.
3) Adjust the honey as per your taste.
4) Usually adding ice cubes to milkshake thins its texture and hence I use chilled milk instead of adding ice cubes.
5) Consume the milkshake immediately otherwise it tastes bitter.

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Such a healthy milkshake. I am missing this fruit here

i tried the fig with watermelon combo... loved the set up

Never tasted fresh figs....but always wanted to....yummmm

Lovely drink...shud get some fresh figs!!

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