Chikoo Frozen Yogurt / Chiku Fro-Yo

Few flavors remain in our taste buds forever, even if we taste the dish for the first time. Be it unknown combination of known ingredients or unknown ingredient itself. I know one of my friends who always try a new dish whenever he eats out.

My entire team has moved to a new location recently thereby was introduced to a new cafeteria/caterer. The restaurant services are not up to the mark as the vendor is still scaling up. Except the various biryani combos from Anjappar restaurant and shawarma from an Arabian outlet most of the other vendors were little known, so as their dishes. There is a juice shop which sells fresh juices and you will be quite surprised by the funny names of juices they have jotted down in the recipe board. Whether their juice tastes good or not, their menu items definitely sounds good. The same is true with the chat outlet that sells chat items. By the way, I love few of their dishes which I have tasted only here.

Fine, let me come to today's recipe which is chiku frozen yogurt. Some fondly call this as froyo or frogurt. This looks similar to the ice cream but there is a difference in taste. This dish is slightly tarter. The method of preparation is almost similar to ice team preparation but very you can prepare it with homemade ingredients unlike majority of other Ice Cream recipes. You can prepare and freeze it and it stay good upto 3 to 4 days in a freezer. The freezing time differs depends upon the refrigerator you have but shouldn't take more than 8 hours.

Basic Information:
Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Freezing Time: 8 hours
Serves: 6


Chikoo / Chicku / Sapotta - 6 nos., (yielded 1 cup puree)
Thick Yogurt / Curd - 2 cups (see notes 1)
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Vanilla extract - 1 teaspoon


1) Choose the firm and ripe chiku. Peel the skin and remove the seeds of it.
2) Blend it to a smooth puree.

3) Add sugar and yogurt.
4) Blend for 3-5 minutes. This long blending is for dissolving sugar and get a creamy texture.

5) Pour it in a freezer safe bowl and keep inside the freezer for 2 hours.
6) After 2 hours while it is in the process of setting, blend it again to break the ice crystals and keep it back to the freezer.
7) After 2 hours, blend it once again till it becomes soft. Repeat the steps one or two more times again. The more you blend/beat, the creamier frozen yogurt you get. I repeated this step for 3 times after the initial blend.

8) Freeze it again for 4 hours or till it sets well. To serve, scoop the frozen yogurt to the serving bowls, and top it with chocolate sauce or broken nuts. Enjoy.


1) I used a very thick homemade yogurt which I prepared from the green colored aavin milk packet. Making yogurt in a earthen pot gives a thicker texture. If you don't have thick a yogurt, tie and hang it in a white cloth in 30 minutes to drain the water (called as hung curd) and use it in the recipe.
2) The freezing time varies depends upon the refrigerator.
3) Adjust the sugar quantity as per your personal liking.

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Wow.... that looks so yummy....

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Wow! uma pass me that bowl.. Super tempting yogurt

Such a healthy n sinful dessert

super recipe!!!pls post more recipes like this

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