Spiced Guava Spritzer

I planned to prepare couple of mocktails this weekend. But all my plans have changed when the house is filled with guests. I had a great time with family and cooked a big meal for 10+ count. Cooking and serving them made me busy and after the lunch, I was damn tired and not able to purchase anything for my mocktail preparation.

Last night, a random checking at my refrigerator to plan today's meal, a spark came in my mind and thought why don't we prepare a mocktail using the readily available ingredients at home. What else, I used few of the ingredients to make a simple yet tasty alcohol free drinks. All were prepared using the easily available household fruits and veggies. My second entry to Urban Dazzle by IFBM 2014 is Green chilli flavored guava spritzer.

I love to serve this mocktail in this old fashioned green coloured glasses which glassware which would give great appeal for this mocktail.

Basic Information:
Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Serves: 2


Guava - 1 no, sliced
Green chilli - 2 nos.,
Sugar - to taste
Mint leaves - 20 nos.,
Club soda - 1 cup
Water - 3 cups
Lemon - 1 no.,


1) Grind guava, mint and green chilli to a smooth paste by adding enough water.
2) Strain and extract the juice alone in a mixing bowl.
3) Squeeze out the lemon juice. Add sugar to taste. Mix well.
4) Add club soda and ice cubes.
5) Serve chill.

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I would love to finish off that glass right now :) yumm..

Great use of in-house ingredients. And what an awesome drink! Makes me want right now!

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