Ellu Podi Recipe / Sesame Seeds Powder

If you have noticed my blog closely, then you might have noticed how much my family likes pickles and spice mix. Here by spice mix I mean the powder/podi which we use for rice and idly or dosa. Few podis go well with rice and few with idly or dosa. Few go well with both and Ellu podi is one such kind.

My MIL brought large quantity of sesame seeds from our native. She washed it well, cleaned, removed the stones (as it is procured directly from the farm fields) and sun dried for couple of days before storing it. If you handle it in a proper way, sesame seeds stay good for many years. I have seen my grandma preparing ellu urundai out of these sesame seeds which were harvested 4 years back.

Either me and my MIL always make podi's in small quantity with available ingredients as and when required knowing the purpose that it would serve during the rush hours and on the other hand, lazy hours as well. When prepared in small quantities it is to maintain its freshness and aroma. So by now you could guess what we prepared this time ? ;):P

How to make Ellu Podi Recipe

Basic Information:
Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Makes: 2 cups (approximately)



Sesame Seeds / Til seeds / Ellu - 1 cup
Urad dal - 1/4 heaped cup
Channa dal - 1/4 heaped cup
Dry red chilli - 7-10 nos., or as required
Garlic - 3 cloves
Asafoetida - 1/4 teaspoon
Salt - to taste


1) Dry roast sesame seeds in medium flame till it splutters.
2) Dry roast urad dal and channa dal separately till golden brown in colour.

How to make sesame seeds powder Step1

3) Dry roast the dry red chilli without allowing it to turn brown.
4) Cool down all the roasted ingredients. First, make a coarse powder of urad dal, channa dal and dry red chilli.

How to make sesame seeds powder Step2

5) Add roasted sesame seeds, garlic, asafoetida and salt. Powder it well.
6) Make sure there are no lumps of garlic before you are done grinding.
7) Taste and adjust the salt if required.

How to make sesame seeds powder Step3

8) Store it in an air tight container.
9) Serve with hot steamed rice, idly or dosa.



1) Black or white sesame seeds can be used for making this powder.
2) Adjust Dry red chilli quantity as per your taste.
3) If you find the sesame seeds's taste is dominating, then increase the quantity of urad dal and channa dal.

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garlic in podi is divine :) we do the same way except the garlic part :) do good . some times amma add little jaggery it will be sweetish spicy

garlic v gen dont add.. but it shd taste grt..

Hi Uma... Raw Garlic has to be added or roasted.plz explain.thanks.

@Anonymous, It is raw garlic.

Hi uma ji.. for how many days it will stay good when storing it in air tight container..?

Can we make this podi with white ellu

@Anonymous, Yes, white ellu can be used.

you can add a little tamarind very small piece it will taste good

Dear uma, Tx for ur ellu podi recipe. First time i m making this, all my family including my mother esp mil , sis all liked it. They were all impressed esp me being a dr, preparing ellu podi. sp tx to u. Its very tasty

I find dry elluppodi goes well with kozhukkattai!

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