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Thanks for visiting my blog and taking some time to know about me. I am Uma Ramanujam who is the heart and soul behind this culinary blog Umaskitchenexperiments.

 I am basically from a small town near Theni, brought up in Chennai and live here with my family. I am a full time Software Engineer.

Now to start with and to be frank, like many of you, I didn't know what cooking was all about. All I cared was "as long as I was getting good tasty food, I was least interested in knowing how it was prepared" :). But the day came when I had to cook for myself when we all cousins together moved to home in order to avoid regular routine foods that is being served in Hostels.

We are all started cooking food for ourselves and that’s how the journey begins. We started calling our mom and grand mom frequently over phone and got instructions starting from the very basic foods. I must admit it is been continuing even today to get tips, tricks and sometimes for new recipe ideas.

By the time of my marriage, I was half proficient in cooking. Luckily, my mother-in-law who is an awesome cook, made me to realize how the cooking does an impact in the family. Thanks to her!

The poor guinea for all my culinary experiments was my husband. I love him for accepting the way I cooked, my cooking disasters. To prepare some unique, different type of recipes for my family, I started reading through various culinary blogs/articles in the web. Now this coupled with lot of leisure time I had, the idea of blogging slowly took off on me. I felt that instead of just cooking, why not present it in a blog for the benefit of others. Thus on May 2011 my Umaskitchenexperiments was born. What more joy can occur to me when my dish turns out to be so good that I end up photographing my own work watching the dish turning up live on the screen. Husband’s very first DSLR(Nikon D3000) camera being one of the reason for good photographs. I have been using it from the first day of blogging till now.

What started as a leisure activity kindled my deeply hidden passion on cooking, food styling and food photography and that’s how this blog has taken shape.

From then on, my cooking journey started with the intent of learning and sharing with others, my successful food experiments which I have learnt from my family, friends and other sources. It was only after I started this blog, I realized that I had a hidden passion about cooking.

Coming from Naidu Family and southern part of Tamil Nadu, India, it is an obvious fact that I share a natural passion towards Telugu, Tamil cuisines and mix of both. But being in different places of India and abroad, I had come across various cuisines which pushed me to explore and try different cuisines across world. So you can see mix of recipes from across India and world.

This blog is open to all, anyone can come here, read and try the recipes at your home.

"I am still a learner who is experimenting every day with new recipes as the great ocean of exotic recipes lay undiscovered in front of me."


All the experimented recipes here are prepared according to my family taste and are tasted by them. You can very well tweak it to your taste. All the recipes are my family's and friend's collection and the pictures are owned and clicked by me.

There is a huge effort, work life balance behind this blog and its every recipe. So I request to give due credit if you want to use my PICTUREs or recipes.

If you have any clarifications or further questions, kindly write back to me by clicking here. You can also reach me through the email id umaskitchenexperiments@gmail.com. Your comments/mails boost me up more and more.

You can also keep in touch with me through Facebook or come and follow my posts on Twitter or include me in your Google plus circle. 

Thanks for spending your time with me!!! Keep Visiting!!!


Hi Uma... Nice reading about you. I have been an anonymous visitor to your site for sometime now. Actually when I stared blogging, the first name that came to my mind was "My Kitchen Experiments". I searched for it and that is how I came across your beautiful blog. Today, I've decided to follow you. You have some good recipes with even greater photos. Just love it.

Thanks Love to Experiment. I am glad that you like my recipes and photos. Keep visiting.

your "pin it" feature is not bringing up any pinnable images on any of your recipes!

You have an awesome collection of comforting recipes. Happy to follow you Uma.

@ Anonymous, Thanks for letting me know. I have changed the code now. It is working fine now.

Hi, Uma, I love your blog. Do you have any advice on making Tandoor/Tandoori dishes, including breads, in the Europe and the US? I am thinking of buying a modern stainless-steel clay oven that operates on either charcoal or gas and teaching myself to use it by watching videos online. I have lived and cooked in India, but never learned to use a Tandoor oven. Thanks and keep up the good work!! :) -Sean

@Sean, Sorry I have no idea about modern clay oven. But I used convection oven only for all tandoori dishes. You can make many tandoori dishes using it. Still you need any information about modern clay oven, I will check with my friends and update.

Perfect blog..lovely clicks....very happy to be here and follow you

Hi uma, nice to hear that you are from tamil nadu. Your blog has lovely clicks and the recipes are good.


i would like to get in touch with you with regarding to my client California Pizza Kitchen. Request you to share your coordinate to the mail id krishna@avian-media.com to get in touch with you

Hi Uma

Greeting from South Africa! Thank you for the variety of vegetarian recipes.I love that you include step by step pics. Really inspiring.

Glad to know about you...lovely blog and superb clicks

The food display and the photos are awesome. Keep going ;) Good Luck :)


Great Work Uma ! Superb Presentation Skills :) and I am even more curiuos to know who does the clicking. They are a source of Inspiration to me .

Hi Uma, Came across your Instagram account accidentally and just got hooked by amazing and mouthwatering tiffin pics! I so wish I was your neighbor or colleague or friend and could taste your food. Loved reading about your family and traditional recipes here-anything learnt from mom, MIL or grandmother is golden in my books. Love your work especially your insta account!


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